This British tech startup is selling real Iron Man suits that can actually fly

Let’s admit it! Being a die-hard Marvel fan, we all have dreamt of donning every possible Iron Man suit (metal suit from cave to nano-tech in EndGame), flying around, and saving our city from alien invasions. In fact, I tried to channel my inner Tony Stark to build a suit but immediately realised that I am too poor for that.

Later on, I noticed that I am not alone! Thanks to Richard Browning, the dreams of owning Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit have finally come true. A British tech startup founded in March 2017 by Richard Browning, Gravity Industries has created a jet suit inspired by the “Iron Man” films. It needs Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne’s fortune to afford it though- £340,000 ($445,860).

Browning flew in the jet suit over a closed-off street outside Selfridges department store in London as well.

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