5G is here. How can you know the customer experience?

By: Rajat Kumar Kochhar

Not too long ago, in fact at the beginning of present decade, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) were still talking about setting up new Network Operation Centers (NOCs) to monitor customer experience! In the subsequent years, the network centric approach turned into service centric approach and NOCs were replaced by Service Operation Centers (SOC). These centers provide insights into services used by the customer, for example video quality, web access etc.

Aided by big data processing, these terabytes of network data proved to be a goldmine for CSPs. Over recent years, they have provided great analytics insights into customer behavior and their experience in real time. Today, as 5G deployments  gain traction and customers’ appetite for ever increasing speeds grow, it has become both a challenge and opportunity for CSPs to measure and continuously improve the customer experience.

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