CES 2020: Everything we expect to see at the world’s biggest tech event

By: Nick Pino 

It no longer goes by its Consumer Electronics Show monicker, but CES is still the place to see the latest and greatest tech companies have to offer, whether that’s a 5G phone, a transparent Ultra-HD TV, a personal drone that can fly you around or something completely unexpected like a robot dog.

That said, while this year’s show won’t be too different from shows past, it will have a greater focus on travel and tourism, data analytics and improving customer experiences. Yes, you’ll still see dozens of new TVs, speakers, headphones, laptops and phones, but you’ll also see a lot of conversations happening about digital health and the commoditization of personal data, too. The takeaway here is that CES will offer something new and interesting for every type of tech lover, whether you’re deep into enterprise, stuck into future trends or just keen to see what comes next.

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