How much money will Sarasota County lose by limiting cannabis dispensaries?

By: Billy Cox

The Sarasota County Commission on Monday decided to cap the number of licensed dispensaries at five. In citing “health, safety and morals,” the unanimous verdict may ultimately hit the county in the pocketbook.

SARASOTA — No matter which route takes you past 2864 Clark Road, you’ll pass any number of places where you can load up on beer or wine as you top off the tank, head home and spend the evening mitigating various insults and ailments with “daddy’s medicine.”

A century ago in another America, those retail outlets would’ve been banned and regarded as “detrimental to the health, safety, morals, order, comfort, convenience or appearance of the neighborhood.” But on Monday, Sarasota County Commissioners employed that language to reject the opening of a sixth medical marijuana dispensary at 2864.

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