Pentagon announces big push to incorporate 5G technology for military use

By: Jared Serbu 

The Defense Department on Wednesday announced the kickoff of a major initiative to start integrating commercial 5G technologies into its communications networks, an effort that’s likely to mean hundreds of millions of dollars in new spending over the next year.

The Pentagon said it would issue a draft request for proposals in early November, asking industry for ideas on how to begin experimenting with the use of 5G capabilities in military settings.

Speed is everything on the battlefield, and 5G’s lower latency and higher capacity will enable armies to share more data, such as real-time maps and photos of battlefield scenarios, as well as computer simulations.

DoD wants to conduct the experiments at four different bases in the continental United States, and intends to reveal which installations it’s selected for the projects when the department releases a final RFP in December.

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