Exclusive: T-Mobile’s New 5G Phones Are Merger-Ready


T-Mobile’s upcoming OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren and its Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ will work on both T-Mobile’s low-band and Sprint’s mid-band 5G networks, the carrier confirmed today, giving them double or triple 4G speeds in major cities as well as enhanced speed in rural areas.

T-Mobile and Sprint are striving to merge right now, and if they do, they intend to merge their networks. The combined company will likely flip more of Sprint’s mid-band spectrum over to 5G to further improve speeds, which we’ve seen hovering around 200Mbps on average in our tests. Currently, Sprint only uses 40-60MHz of its more than 100MHz of mid-band spectrum in its nine launch cities for 5G, while the rest is being used for 4G.

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