Exclusive: AT&T will prove the potential of 5G at DreamHack’s CS:GO tournament

By: Mark Knapp

AT&T will show gamers the potential of 5G at DreamHack Atlanta this weekend, Digital Trends has exclusively learned. There, the company will set up a localized 5G network and use 5G phones to live stream a portion of the event from new perspectives.

DreamHack is a massive digital festival. Video games are front and center, and a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament is among the largest draws of the event, spanning both Saturday and Sunday.

That DreamHack Open CS:GO tournament is where AT&T will focus its efforts. The company will use a mmWave 5G network set up on-site by Ericsson. From there, they’ll use the high speeds of 5G to contribute footage for the official DreamHack tournament livestream directly from mobile phones.

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