Bitcoin Gives the World ‘Democratization of Savings’ — Hedge Fund Exec

By: William Suberg

Bitcoin (BTC) can bring the world’s population out of debt thanks to its ability to allow consumers to save without permission.

That was according to Misir Mahmudov, the author and operations associate at cryptocurrency hedge fund Adaptive Capital, in his latest advocacy of Bitcoin on Nov. 27. Mahmudov is the brother of Murad Mahmudov, the well-known Bitcoin proponent.

Bitcoin will remove debt for “millions”

Writing on social media, Mahmudov argued saving in BTC permitted anyone to bypass the barriers to traditional methods of saving such as stocks and real estate.

“Bitcoin is the democratization of savings,” he summarized.

As a result, Mahmudov continued, large numbers of prospective savers would benefit:

“Today, you can stack sats & store your wealth in the scarcest asset. The ability to save wealth in bitcoin will bring millions of people out of debt.”

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