5G Phones Are Launching In India, But When Will 5G Networks Launch In India?

By: Prasham Parikh

With the wake of 2019, 5G has been in constant limelight mainly because of the marked improvement in speeds and its versatility in applications as compared to the previous cellular network technology: 4G/LTE. As far as end consumers are concerned, the bandwidth improvements and drop in latency brought to the table by 5G are expected to bring a whirlwind change in the way we consume data. But on a larger scale, 5G has the potential to bring an unprecedented change in the way industries and machinery work, and improve efficiency in a way that’ll bring about billions of dollars in savings.

But let’s bring our focus back to the most popular end-consumer application right now: 5G smartphones. This year, two of the most popular tech shows on the face of our planet, CES and MWC, were filled to the brim with presentations by OEMs and equipment manufacturers on how they were working towards implementing 5G technology. OEMs like SamsungLGHuawei and OnePlus also delivered 5G phones in countries like the US, UK, China and Germany where commercial 5G deployments have already taken place this year.

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