Why Qualcomm is important to USA in 5G race

By: Jeff Kagan

The 5G wireless race is on and there is a debate raging over whether the USA or China will lead. Current leaders are companies like Qualcomm and Huawei. Many say China based Huawei has the early lead. Qualcomm is the American company and technology leader. I have been studying this issue and the answer is clear as mud.

I have visited with senior executives of both Qualcomm and Huawei and while both face challenges, they also have growth opportunities globally.

Qualcomm vs. Huawei in competitive 5G marketplace

Qualcomm is a high-quality, very large and very successful American wireless leader over the last several decades. They offer chip technology to every handset maker as well as technology to wireless network builders around the world.

This is similar to what Huawei does, however this Chinese company has been under enormous and growing pressure from the US Government. Something that hinders it’s growth and is spreading globally.

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