Thought 5G marketing was bad? Cable industry sticks with ridiculous 10G branding as another year rolls around

By Kieren McCarthy in San Francisco

CES It started out as a joke, a way to repeat the hype-success of “5G” mobile technology for the cable industry. And yet “10G” – standing for 10 gigabit-a-second broadband fiber speeds – may be here to stay.

“Zyxel to Showcase 5G/LTE and 10G Broadband,” begins a press release for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas, USA, this week, that goes on to discuss “10G fiber solutions” a “powerful 10G XGS-PON Wi-Fi6 whole-home EasyMesh gateway” and various other 10G prefixes.

Lots of other “10G” references abound, sadly most of them from our tech press brethren who should know better but seemingly can’t resist mindless simplicity. And it’s not to be confused with 10GE, 10-gigabit Ethernet, which is a real thing.

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