Australia: Activists outraged as Siemens backs Adani mining project

By Joe Kaeser

The German engineering firm has reaffirmed plans to support the controversial Adani coal mine project. Siemens has come under fire for the project’s climate implications, with bushfires currently raging across Australia.

Siemens has announced it will remain involved in a controversial coal mining project in Australia, despite massive environmental criticism as the country continues to be ravaged by bushfires.

The German engineering conglomerate has a contract worth roughly €18 million ($20 million) which requires Siemens to supply rail infrastructure for the Carmichael mine in Queensland, near the Great Barrier Reef.

But climate activists from Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion staged protests last week in a dozen German cities against the mine, including outside Siemens’ Munich headquarters, hoping to change the firm’s stance on the project.

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