The Technology 202: Smaller companies taking a risk as they challenge Big Tech in hearing

By Cat Zakrzewski

Smaller technology companies have largely upheld a code of silence about the power of the larger technology companies on which they often depend for market share and sales.

But now, some of them are sharing their stories in the hope that Washington is finally getting serious about cracking down on the power of tech giants. 

As part of its antitrust investigation, House Judiciary Committee lawmakers are headed to Colorado, where tomorrow they’ll hear from upstarts including Tile and Basecamp. It will mark the first time lawmakers will hear from executives in a public setting about going toe-to-toe with companies including Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google, my colleague Tony Romm reports. (Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post). 

These smaller companies are taking a major risk by speaking out because they often rely on the tech titans to reach consumers’ eyeballs, while simultaneously competing in with them in offering some services. Another factor raising the stakes is the industry’s relationship-driven business culture. One wrong move can limit opportunities for investment or acquisitions. 

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