Dow Rallies Aggressively After WHO Calms Stock Market’s Virus Panic

By Francois Aure

  • The Dow Jones rallied off its lows as the World Health Organization calmed fears about the Wuhan coronavirus in China.
  • It was still a tough day for the Dow, which declined amid risk-off trading conditions.
  • Further weighing on the stock market, Trump appears committed to starting a trade war with the European Union.

It was another weak day for the Dow Jones, though the index rallied off its lows after the World Health Organization (WHO) calmed fears about a global coronavirus pandemic.

But with the death toll rising in Wuhan and the virus spreading, the stock market kept its eyes locked on China and ignored Stephen Mnuchin’s efforts to sell “tax cuts 2.0.”

Dow Jones Dips As Trump Pushes More Trade Wars & China Locks Down Cities

The three major U.S. stock market indices were all quiet on Thursday afternoon after recovering from steep morning losses.

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