T-Mobile and Verizon had their own Super Bowl, fighting over 4G speeds and 5G strategies

By Adrian Diaconescu

nterestingly, Verizon appears to have finally taken the gloves off after years of suffering advertising abuse from T-Mobile in relative silence, which Team Magenta skipper John Legere is interpreting as a sign that the nation’s largest wireless service provider has realized at last “who the real network competition is.”
In a fairly lengthy official T-Mobile blog post published mere hours ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday, Legere points out Big Red is all of a sudden doing something “they never even cared about before”, and spending big bucks in the process. Namely, Verizon is viciously attacking the “Un-carrier’s” 5G network at the promotional expense of its own… 4G LTE signal. But let’s start from the beginning and recap everything Big Red has done in the last few days to prompt this Legere reaction.

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