Should you buy Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 phones because of 5G?


On Tuesday at its Unpacked event, Samsung finally told us what we all expected to hear: Its new flagship phone line is called the Galaxy S20, and all three models support 5G.

This is big news for fans of speedy mobile networks. A handful of 5G-enabled devices launched in the United States last year, but Samsung is going all in. These aren’t just more expensive models of existing phones like the Galaxy S10 or Note 10; these are arguably Samsung’s most important phones, and they all work with 5G out of the box for the first time.

That brings us to the biggest question everyone has about 5G: Is it worth it? We’re still at the stage where you’d be considered an early adopter for investing in 5G, but how early is too early? We talked to multiple industry professionals in the hopes they could answer those questions and more. 

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