Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra has all the best stuff you can cram in a phone, but 5G is still a problem

By Todd Haselton

Samsung’s new lineup of flaghip phones — the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra — launch on Friday, March 6. They’re the first phones in the U.S. to support the wide range of 5G networks rolling out here. I’ve been testing the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the top-of-the-line model, for about a week.

The Ultra is not for everyone: Samsung is clearly targeting this $1,400 phone toward people who want all of the latest and greatest stuff, including a bunch of features most people don’t need but which gadget-lovers like myself still enjoy — like a camera that can zoom 100x and 5G connectivity, long before there’s much of a reason to even use 5G.

The premium market isn’t big for Samsung the way it is for Apple, though. Generally, Samsung’s most best-selling products are mid-range and low-cost phones. But Samsung consistently tries to beat Apple to the market with new ideas, whether they work or not: It started with big “phablets” with the first Galaxy Note in 2011. It continued with folding phones like the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. Now it’s beating Apple to the market with 5G.

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