Over 30 MacLean mining BEVs now operating in Canada alone as company expands worldwide

By Paul Moore

MacLean Engineering’s annual letter to customers and innovation update is always full of interesting reflections & the 2020 communication, recently released, is no exception. The start of a new decade and the rapid approach of its 50th anniversary in 2023 the company said provides a good vantage point to take stock of the past year while looking out to the next 50 years for MacLean and the mining industry as a whole. “Over the past number of years, we’ve grown from an SME to a multi-national where we now for the first time have installed manufacturing outside of Canada, along with a multi-continent branch footprint and a critical mass of some 1,000 employees.”

But the company says despite this expansion it is not losing sight of the culture that got it to where it is today. “What hasn’t changed is the entrepreneurial development philosophy around ‘safety first’ that shaped MacLean in its formative years and remains embedded in our corporate DNA. Case in point, when a group of broadly representative group of employees got together in person this past summer for a vision/mission/values workshop, designing for safety as the company’s reason for being, was resounding in its commonality. It’s the ‘why’ on a company history level as much as it is on the personal level, and it’s the foundation for the next generation of MacLean Engineering.”

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