Quibi is already locked in a legal battle over its rotating video tech

By Julia Alexander

The crown jewel of Quibi’s forthcoming short form video streaming service is a piece of technology the company refers to as “Turnstyle,” which seamlessly switches between landscape and portrait video orientations depending on how you hold your phone. A new lawsuit filed on Tuesday from interactive video developer Eko alleges that Quibi stole the technology after Eko demoed it to employees of the company, including founder and chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg.

In addition to claiming that Quibi is infringing on Eko’s patent for rotating video, Eko’s lawsuit says Quibi misappropriated its trade secrets, as two Quibi employees were given access to Eko’s proprietary technology under NDA while they were at Snapchat before they left to work at Quibi. This included Eko’s “Real Time Switching” technology, which Eko alleges was used by Quibi to create Turnstyle.

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