Philippine police dismantle anti-mining barricade amid COVID-19 lockdown

By Mong Palatino

On April 6, 2020, around 100 police personnel escorted fuel tankers owned by OceanaGold (OGPI) into the company’s mining site in Nueva Vizcaya province in the Philippines. The police dismantled a ‘people’s barricade’ at the entrance of the mining area to allow the entry of the fuel tankers. The barricade was set up by community residents, environmental activists, and indigenous peoples in the province as a protest to the extension of OGPI’s mining operation. OGPI’s head office is in Australia but it also has corporate offices in North America.

Local leaders said that police in riot gear used excessive violence to disperse the protest, but police officials said their troops exercised maximum tolerance to carry out the order issued by the country’s office of the president.

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