Private 5G networks become indispensable, more evident during coronavirus quarantine

By Maha Achour, PhD, Founder and CEO, Metawave 

Various countries are offering licensed millimeter wave 5G spectrum directly to private enterprises, and for good reason. Wifi hotspots are overloaded and cannot scale to meet the rapidly increasing demands for higher capacity and data speeds. For instance, with today’s COVID-19 quarantine and social distancing strict guidelines in place, we are transforming our business practices and classrooms through the use of video conferencing, and we’re quickly finding that we have to eliminate video or reduce the quality, and shaky networks offer poor audio quality due to latency and other network issues. The truth is, this wouldn’t have been the case with mm-wave 5G networks in place.

“Given the coronavirus crisis which will impact the world deeply, the need for new 5G services will rocket up in all industry sectors — in particular, indoor private networks will become indispensable.”

Carriers have long struggled with the high cost of data services leaning heavily toward consumer markets as we all depend greatly on our mobile devices, for general connectivity to streaming content to up-to-the-minute mobile-demand services like Lyft. Now, we are facing even higher capacity needs for critical and economy-boosting activities in the enterprise sector including factory automation, real-time monitoring and control, and even more content-intensive and real-time edge-compute services.

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