Cannabis Overdose? Don’t Freak Out, It’s Just Weed

By Benzinga

With more states boldly ending marijuana prohibition in their neck of the woods, there are a few common occurrences these places can expect to see. The first is more newbie cannabis users (or at least those without much marijuana experience) will venture out to their neighborhood cannabis store to try a variety of pot products a whirl in the interest of good times and curiosity.

The next situation is some of those people, once again those without much practice in the stoner arts, are probably going to find themselves consumed by a full-blown, chest-gripping, can’t breathe, THC-induced panic. These people, wrecked to the point of suffering a non-life-threatening cannabis overdose, will then either call 911 for assistance or check into a nearby emergency room in hopes of saving themselves from the savage demons coming at them from every angle.

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