Is 5G done? Controlling the damage, and controlling the outcome

By Scott Fulton III

It’s almost commonplace now to say we’re in uncharted territory. The type of social behavior that was said to be the driver of innovation in mobile technology — our greater mobility and wider social circles — is today, and for the near future, a danger to humanity. The economy into which some in our society are all too eager to emerge, is already suffering from an artificial, though necessary, shutdown.

Nothing more pointedly epitomizes the tremendous confusion among the very people that a global 5G Wireless infrastructure would seek to bring together than the arson attacks against wireless transmitter masts in the UK and throughout Europe. The motive behind these attacks is believed to be the widely propagated conspiracy “theory,” backed by an ample supply of lack of evidence, that Chinese technology embedded in 5G towers is intentionally creating coronavirus spores and spreading them with high-frequency radio waves. There’s so much to disprove the very notion of this mechanism, the “theorists” argue, that it must be true.

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