Telefónica Deutschland opts for Ericsson as 5G core partner


Telefónica Deutschland, which operates under the O2 brand in Germany, has finally revealed its choice of vendor for its standalone 5G core network — and it’s not a Chinese company.

Indeed, the German operator made it clear it wanted to rely on a European provider for the “security-relevant” 5G core, and named Ericsson as its primary supplier here. Telefónica has previously used Huawei equipment in its 4G network core in both Germany and Spain, but is now favoring a multivendor environment and a gradual lessening of its reliance on the China-based vendor.

Telefónica Deutschland is using Huawei in its 5G radio access network (RAN), however. The operator announced in December 2019 that it would use both Huawei and Nokia as RAN suppliers. The selection of Huawei is risky because of political concerns about the Chinese vendor, whose opponents describe it as a Chinese government stooge and security threat.

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