Why is it so hard for medical cannabis patients to get high?

By Meg Hartley

Once upon a time, I was a one-hit wonder. Just one inhale would render a dull day into one that was endlessly entertaining. My mind would move so quickly, I was just bedazzled by all the strange and wonderful ideas that were running through it. Everything was enhanced—food, music, art; everything good was better. Just one lil’ puff of cannabis did all this, leaving me too stoned to function, but in a world of delights.

Then I became very sick, so sick I couldn’t even leave the house anymore. I grew dependent on cannabis full-time to curtail extreme physical symptoms. After a few months of progressively getting sicker, I found that not only was “too high” no longer a thing, but that I couldn’t even get high at all. Like many fellow medicators, cannabis now takes the edge off of my symptoms, but that’s about it. There are so many missing elements.

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