Campaign Tech Awards 2020: Tech for Good

By Staff

Unit9 director Martin Percy took charge of this engaging and sophisticated interactive video that shows people what they can do to help a person with suicidal thoughts. Unit9’s own videoPlayer enables the video to play across various types of devices.

Beginning with the insight that simply giving information is not the same as training people for what to do in a crisis, the video pauses at several stages and invites the user to pick from multiple choice the best course of action. For example, when the video’s visibly troubled male subject tells his flatmate to go to a party without him, you are supposed to detect all is not well and offer (or other, insist) to stay to talk.
Every option is based on insights from suicide prevention experts and the value of this shines through such as when you have to get the man to confirm he is thinking about suicide (because he might not even have realised it yet) – not something that non-trained people would necessarily think to do.

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