This Year May See The Tipping Point For Cannabis

By Julie Weed

Call it “The Green Wave.”  Eleven states have legalized cannabis for adult use, about twenty others allow medical marijuana, and some neighboring states are feeling a little left behind. Democrats, historically more open to laws allowing cannabis use, sales, and banking, control both the house and the senate. The customer base is growing and sales are climbing. Will 2021 be the year the rest of America lets cannabis in?


Jon Sandelman, CEO of Ayr Strategies which operates cannabis businesses in multiple states, predicts a “domino effect” of legalization in states adjacent to those making forward movement in cannabis legislation. Recent actions in New Jersey, Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland and Virginia could influence local governments nearby he said. That’s because states that come late to the party give their quick-acting neighbors a head start on building a thriving regional market. There’s also the lure of new job creation.

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