How 2020 Has Pushed Tech To Its Limits

By Tim Conkle

The perfect storm of 2020 has pushed the tech industry into uncharted territory. It’s one thing to ask, “What would happen if everyone started using my product?” It’s something entirely different when they actually do, though.

The world’s sudden shift to work from home has affected almost every aspect of the tech industry. Businesses need to account for security, scalability and ease of use more than they ever have for this transition. Technology has gone from vitally important to just plain vital.

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THC in cannabis ‘could help prevent’ deadly complications of coronavirus

By Elisa Menendez

Chemicals in cannabis have shown promising results in the treatment of serious complications caused by Covid-19, researchers have revealed.

Scientists used THC – the main psychoactive compound found in marijuana – on mice suffering with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

The disease is a life-threatening condition when fluid builds up in the lungs, meaning they cannot provide the body with enough vital oxygen.

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Xi Jinping’s tech wonderland runs into headwinds


At a new 400-acre research-and-development center on China’s south coast, Huawei Technologies Co. engineers chat, tap at their phones or chill out on a small electric tram that whirs them between buildings modeled variously on the Sorbonne or England’s great universities. They move through neighborhoods built in the style of Versailles or Renaissance Italy, passing by some of the 3,000 gardening and maintenance staff needed to keep the vast parklands immaculate.

It’s late July, and on this Disneyland-like corporate campus about an hour and a half’s drive from Hong Kong, Huawei seems to be basking in the wealth from its leadership in 5G mobile technology. No other company has done more to project the image of a technologically advanced China on the international stage. And no other company stands as a greater symbol of China’s engagement with the outside world.

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More than one-quarter of Portland’s would-be cannabis retailers face disqualification


More than one-quarter of the applicants seeking a municipal permit to sell cannabis in Portland are facing disqualification for failing to satisfy basic eligibility requirements, such as failing to pay local taxes or fees on time or wanting to operate their shop too close to a school or in a land-use zone that doesn’t allow it.

Portland received 43 retail cannabis license applications, and a preliminary staff review suggests 12 of those will be disqualified before the city even considers how, or if, it will use its legally embattled scoring matrix to decide which applicants will land one of its 20 coveted retail marijuana licenses.

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Buy Or Build? What Customized Tech Is Teaching Us About Talent

By Meighan Newhouse

As companies focus more and more on digitization, automation, digital transformation and all the other “-tions,” they are often putting the cart before the horse. They are looking for a panacea that will cure all that ails their organization, and they often look to the marketplace for a technology solution that fits the bill. What they soon find, and what you may have experienced yourself, is that there is no silver-bullet-solution for your organization. A company’s needs are unique, even if its products, services, process breakdowns or personnel issues are not.

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New Marijuana Coalition Unveils Plan To Legalize Interstate Cannabis Commerce

By Kyle Jaeger

A coalition of advocacy groups and marijuana businesses have unveiled a unique plan to legalize interstate cannabis commerce regardless of ongoing federal prohibition.

The Alliance for Sensible Markets campaign will be pushing governors from legal and likely soon-to-be legal marijuana states to enter into an interstate compact—a constitutionally recognized agreement between two or more states—establishing a framework for cannabis to be transported and marketed across state lines.

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EU illuMINEation project to tap potential of digital mines


The € 8.9 million Horizon 2020 project “illuMINEation” is set to kick-off in September with a vision to tap the full potential a “digital mine” offers by embedding digital thinking into the heart of the mining business, by improving digital skills of mining personnel and by enhancing cooperation along the entire digital mining value chain.

Europe needs to reduce its import dependency in respect to a multitude of raw materials. To do so, Europe’s mining industry must completely redesign the process of traditional mining via the adoption of pioneering innovations, accompanied by extensive use of data analytics and new types of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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All Eyes on Fed Reserve Rate Announcement, as Bitcoin Fights for $11K

By Omkar Godbole

While bitcoin’s dips have found buyers, the cryptocurrency is struggling to clear the important psychological hurdle of $11,000 ahead of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s rate decision due later Wednesday.

  • The cryptocurrency found bids near $10,675 during the early Asian trading hours, but faced rejection near $10,940 around 08:00 UTC, according to CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index.
  • Bitcoin has failed twice in the past 24 hours to absorb selling pressure just below $11,000.
  • At press time, bitcoin is changing hands near $10,850, representing a 0.58% gain on the day.

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Nvidia secures control of key global tech with $40bn Arm deal

By Richard Waters

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Nvidia’s agreed purchase of Arm Holdings from Japan’s SoftBank for up to $40bn, the largest deal in the global semiconductor industry, gives the US company control over a technology that powers everything from mobile devices to data centres.  The sale of UK chip designer Arm, announced on Sunday, is the latest big asset disposal by SoftBank as the Japanese tech group shifts from operating businesses into a global investment and asset management powerhouse.

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These states are voting on cannabis legalization this November

By Alicia Wallace

San Francisco (CNN Business)In 2016, the US election resulted in a green wave as cannabis legalization measures passed in eight out of nine states.

Now, the industry and its supporters are hoping for another big win in November.

This year, voters in five states will decide whether to adopt either new medical or recreational cannabis laws — or, perhaps, both in the case of one state.

As it stands now, 33 states have legalized medical cannabis, and of those, 11 states have legalized cannabis for adult recreational use.

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